Mgluck Designs is a company founded out of the necessity and passion for sustainable and intelligent design. We felt that design was something most people were apprehensive about – whether it was a significant change or a small one. But, we believe design can be taste-inclusive and functional at the same time.

The team specializes in diverse areas of design, ranging from space design to 3D modeling, and they have the cumulative experience of over 15 years behind their unique design choices.

Here at M. Gluck Designs,  We specialize in commercial and retail design. In practice, we have turned around several retail stores, hotels, offices, and apartments in our years. We have hired like-minded expert designers and kept communication open with our clients.

The client and the designer come together to create a design work that will be comfortable for both to plan, execute, and maintain.

Our Core Values






Moshe Gluck


M.Gluck Design was founded by Moshe Gluck, a creative designer by nature since he was a child. The founder has always been keen on attention to detail, and always loved exploring and trying new ideas that were never shown before.

He has proven to be right on track with understanding the project requirements and has been able to come up with the best solutions within the cost framework. He has received phenomenal feedback on his approach, with years of experience providing advice within the community, helping synagogues, yeshivas, and retail shops extensively.

The Founder of MGluck Designs, Mr. Moshe Gluck